Re: InterMountain HO Scale Two-Bay Hoppers (Re-Release)

Tony Thompson

No new ones after 1934, old ones banned from interchange in 1937 (or was it 1938?),
See the Billboard Reefer book by Hendrickson and Kaminski.
Tony Thompson

On Jul 24, 2021, at 3:59 PM, Gary Ray <gerber1926@...> wrote:

Does anyone know the date of the banning? Also, how long were billboard cars allowed to run - was it just until they needed repainting? If memory serves me right, that would be about 7 years.

Gary Ray
Magalia, CA

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Allen Cain wrote:

Help me out here. I thought that “billboard” paint schemes where outlawed well before the 1953 date on this car. If I am mistaken, please educate me.
Always remember that the primary issue addressed by the “ban” on billboard schemes was the provision by the leasing company of free advertising paint schemes for their lessees. And advertising in general, meaning posters or placards attached to cars by shippers, was banned early in the 20th century. As long as the lessee or car owner advertised THEMSELVES, for example a billboard-sized word like “HORMEL,” that was okay.

Tony Thompson

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