Re: Billboard Painting Prohibition. Was InterMountain HO Scale Two-Bay Hoppers (Re-Release)

Tim O'Connor


It's pretty simple, really. Ask yourself whether a *leased* car (owned by lessor X) could be loaded
with Vendor A's products but still carry advertising for Vendor B's competitive product. If  THAT  were
true, then Vendor A had a legitimate complaint. This was why those rules were made! I'm not sure that
the rules were ever un-made. Instead the practice ceased. Advertising continued to appear on freight
cars in cases where there was no conflict of interest.

Tim O'Connor

On 7/25/2021 10:59 AM, Edward wrote:

Well then, when did this exclusive prohibition of refrigerator cars bearing product names relax?
I am thinking of Manufacturer's Railway Service Ralston-Purina checkerboard insulated/ventilated cars, Swift and Armour meat refrigerators with their names on the car sides?
These were running in the 1940's and '50's, carrying the shippers and/or product names.

Ed Bommer

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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