Photos: Warning Placards On PFE Reefers (1934)

Bob Chaparro

Photos: Warning Placards On PFE Reefers (1934)

Photos from the Denver Public Library:

Use the arrows in the upper right-hand corner of the photo to enlarge it and scroll to enlarge it further.

The warning placard probably indicates either the car has been fumigated or that there is a danger from charcoal heater fumes.

This appears to be PFE 7484, a Class R-30-5 reefer. (Series 7101-10121). At 3,021 cars this was a very large class of ice bunker refrigerator cars.

This class was built by Pullman in 1909-1911 and reconditioned in1920-1925.

The R-30-5 cars originally had Bohn Standard Ventilator hoods but as seen in the photo, these have been removed.

At the time of this photo there were 2,135 cars remaining. By 1940 only 66 were left with one surviving to 1947.

And here is a Western Pacific car with a warning placard:

This car mostly likely was built to an R-30-13 design. The WP cars were in series 50001-52775, built by AC&F in 1923-24.

2,599 of the original 2,775 cars were in service in 1947, 916 in 1950 and none in 1958.

Bob Chaparro


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