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OOPS! Should have read the original posts better. My bad.




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I should have checked my hard drive more carefully... I did have an image of an SLRX reefer. :-[

Tim O'Connor

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From an estate being disposed of at a local flea market I purchased the Reefer of which photo is attached.
With hatches the number is incorrect as it should be numbered in the class RS series. 
A correct class RB , no ice bunkers, a Sunshine Models kit is shown on Tony Thompson’s blog.  After an internet search
I could not find any model of the St. Louis Reefer numbered correctly in the RS series.  All manufacture models I found had a class RB number 
on a CAR WITH HATCHES.  Wondering if I missed finding a correct lettered St. Louis Reefer model with a number in the RS series?
Lester Breuer



The only St. Louis Refrigerator Car RS reefers that I’m aware of were SLRX 10000-10399, built in 1922 by MDT with a lease arrangement from late 1949 to 1954. The Roger Hinman class number is “M4.” 


In 1/50 & 1/51, the ORER listed 200 cars; 4/51 & 1/52 listed 400 cars; 1/53 listed 365 cars; 1/54 listed 57 cars; by 10/54 zero cars. 


Arnold Menke offers photos of 10086 & 10360 photographed 4/50 & 3/51, respectively. 


Ed Hawkins


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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