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Ed Hawkins

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I pulled out the YMW Wabash 88200 series kit from the stash, and realized that the only color photo I have is the blurry photo of 88803 in a train. I can’t see the roof and underframe, so I don’t know the paint color. It appears that the truck side frames were black. These cars were built by ACF in 1948, so what was the Wabash paint practice at that time? I’d appreciate any color photos of these cars, especially showing B end details and location of the relief valve bleed rod.

WAB 88200-88699 was built by ACF in lot 3226. Paint specs from the ACF bill of materials:

Pittsburgh (first 167)/P.D. George Co. (next 167)/Sherwin-Williams (last 166) - Wabash #10 Red - sides, ends, trucks; black car cement - roof, underframe; black paint - AB brake parts; white - stencils.

This particular lot did not contain a paint sample, nor did any other Wabash orders of ACF box cars. It’s redder than “box car red” but is unlike “red oxide.” The Morning Sun Books Wabash / NKP / DT&I Color Guide has several photos that illustrate the color better than I can try to describe in words. 

Attached is the ACF B end builder photo, which is horribly back-lit. I worked on it in Photoshop, and it can be further adjusted to suit. Hopefully it’s sufficient to configure the end on your model & the end stencils. 
Ed Hawkins

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