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Richard Townsend

Well, mostly no. Train Miniature did a version of a SLRX reefer with ice bunkers but I have no idea how close it might be dimensionally and detail-wise to the prototype cars (at least it's wood-sided and has ice hatches on the roof). The one in my reefer collection display cabinet is numbered 3192, so that's clearly wrong for these cars.

A long time ago I reworked a Train Miniature reefer that was decorated for Brookside Creamery in a "save the paint" effort. It involved removing the ice hatches and fixing the roof, replacing the running board, adding new ladders and grab irons, replacing the underframe and adding express trucks, and adding passenger brake components and steam and signal lines. It is possible to make a passable model from a Train Miniature car, but it may not be worth the effort depending on your standards.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Tim SLRX Reefer is in the number series, 10000-10399 Ed  Hawkins mentions in his post.  And I was attempting to 
ask  if anyone knew of a model produced by any manufacturer done in this number series.
Lester Breuer

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