AIRCO (Air Reduction Co) car - was Articles: Linde Box/Tank Cars

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,
There appears to be some interest in box/tank cars that carried liquefied gases...
There is a color image of AIRCO (Air Reduction Co) car AROX 110, a 40ft box equipped with liquefied gas tank(s),  in CLASSIC FREIGHT CARS THE SERIES VOL 1 by Henderson pg24
Let me know if you want more information
Claus Schlund (whose first job out of college was working for an AIRCO competitor)

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Champ made two sets (I believe: the green and white car and the early BCR diamond car). Highball makes a set as well. I would love a set of the BCR diamond decals, but I model N scale and I don't believe they were ever available in N.

Jeff Maurer

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