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Tim O'Connor

In the 1940 ORER, URTX 89000 to 89049 (50 cars?) are listed as having "steam line and valve but no hose" !!

Whatever that means - I can guess that it means the cars -could- be used in express service, but with their very
high capacity (load limit almost 65 tons) I doubt they were primarily intended to be used that way.

In the 1950 ORER, URTX 89000 to 89099 (84 cars) there is no mention of steam lines.

In both ORERs the AAR car type is RS - ice reefer.

Tim O'Connor

On 8/1/2021 9:10 AM, vapeurchapelon wrote:
Hello Tim,
many thanks for the nice photo! This car clearly does not have steam heat lines - so I don't have to add them, fortunately. (But of course it wouldn't be a problem either.)
Al Brown wrote:
"The cars ... were equipped with Westinghouse AB-schedule 4-12 air brakes, as well as steam and air-signal pipes"
"[U]nlike the cars that were built in following years, [URTX 89000-89024] had independent dual AB-schedule air brake systems acting on individual trucks"
Does the designation "AB-schedule 4-12 air brakes" stand for a special type of cylinder and maybe would give hints about the arrangement of levers and rods?
Years ago I have seen an upgraded OMI brass model which has been rebuilt to a dual-AB arrangement at the floor - not the trucks. Is this what your second citation should be understood?
Thanks again and greetings
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1954
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Another reference article is Model Railroading, May 1991, pp.22-26

Tim O'Connor

On 7/26/2021 12:18 AM, Scott wrote:

Does anybody if there are General Arrangement drawings available for the Milwaukee Road 50ft Reefer in the photo?  According to Steam era freight car manual it was built by General American in 1938 because of the single locking bar on the door.  There is also a nice side view of this car in the book. Does anybody know if there is a survivor car hidden away in a museum somewhere?  I am particularly interested in roof details.   It appears to only have one ice hatch on each end which seems odd.  Photo is a duplicate slide, unknown photographer, my collection.

Scott McDonald


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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