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Nelson Moyer

Thanks, Ed. I’ll paint the running boards and latitudinals black along with the roof. That simplifies construction and painting.


Nelson Moyer


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I have several questions about use of car cement on freight car roofs. Was it applied directly to galvanized roofs or were roofs painted before application of car cement? Were running boards and latitudinals unpainted, painted, or covered with car cement? Are there railroad specific variations on the theme?


The car under construction is a WAB 88200 series boxcar. Ed Hawkins posted the paint specs., but they are silent about running boards, and I don’t know anything about the Wabash.



As a general rule, the car cement was applied directly to the galvanized roof sheets & seam caps after they had been cleaned so they were free of rust, dirt, and grease.


It was relatively uncommon for the builder’s paint specs to state one way or another if the running boards were to be painted. If the paint specs did provide any specific instructions, it was because the railroad wanted them a certain way. 


Photos of new Wabash 88200-88699 box cars show the running boards had a dark color on the latitudinals and near the ends, so my hunch is that they received black car cement on them at the same time the roof received the car cement. It takes a higher-angle photo than I have to confirm for sure what the entire running board looks like. 


Hope this helps.

Ed Hawkins


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