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Speaking from experience with PRR, it was all over the place in their case.


The P&L instructions were confusing:  some paint shops did it differently from the “everybody” instructions.  Some groups got asphaltum over galavanized; some only paint.  Some got asphaltum on galvanized, then a coat of paint (which quickly peeled off).  I think offering them options:  paint on galvanized vs asphaltum on non-galvanized; how did paint guys know what was, or what was not?


That’s why I go from pics!


Elden Gatwood


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I have several questions about use of car cement on freight car roofs. Was it applied directly to galvanized roofs or were roofs painted before application of car cement? Were running boards and latitudinals unpainted, painted, or covered with car cement? Are there railroad specific variations on the theme?


The car under construction is a WAB 88200 series boxcar. Ed Hawkins posted the paint specs., but they are silent about running boards, and I don’t know anything about the Wabash.


Nelson Moyer

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