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Tim O'Connor

I'm sure you meant 79250 to 80250

I always thought the ends looked sort of like black paint... :-)

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I am re-finishing an old model of a C&NW War Emergency box car.  Does anyone have photos of the roof, as delivered?  I'd like to see some photos so I can get the painting right.

CNW had two orders of emergency box cars, built by ACF & Pullman-Standard. Patrick C. Wider authored an article about the various emergency box car designs in RP CYC Volume 19 with a roster on page 43. Builder & in-service photos of the CNW cars are on pages 7-9 along with painting information in the captions. However, the caption on page 7 is in error regarding the roof paint for the ACF lot 2480 cars. 

Copies of the original paint specs are available to review and/or receive a scan of the page(s). Contact the Barriger Library for the ACF bill of materials lot 2480. Contact the Pullman Library for a scan of what Pullman-Standard called a MAP (equivalent to a bill of materials) for lot 5752. The MAP for lot 5752 contains 3 pages of highly-detailed paint information of the paints used and their application. Both organizations charge a fee for services rendered. 

If you aren’t aware, these CNW emergency box cars came with two different types of roofs. The ACF cars (CNW 70250-80250, 501 cars, even numbers) received a Murphy roof & the P-S cars (CNW 77416-78248, 417 cars, even numbers) had a Viking roof. The roofs of both orders received two coats of a special galvanized roof paint. It remains unknown the color of this galvanized roof paint. It seems that recall this being discussed previously on the STMFC. 

On their HO models InterMountain chose to paint the roof a shade of gray. Al Hoffman spotted one of these cars in a color photo of an overhead yard scene. His belief is that the roof color is the same freight car red as the sides & ends. 

Hope this helps.
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