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Thanks for sharing Bob, always admires Bob's work.

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Model: PFE Reefer 42591 (R-40-10)

A model by Bob Smaus.

Bob commented:

“One of some 4,700 R-40-10 all-steel reefers, #42591. May need a wash but at least the lube data is fresh and clean. The is the old Intermountain kit, before some corrections were made.”

As Bob mentions, there were 4,700 R-40-10 reefers. These were built in 1936-37 by PFE shops in Los Angeles and Roseville, PC&F, General American, Pullman, AC&F and Standard Steel Car Company.

In 1953, due to a shortage of REA express reefer, PFR converted fifty R-40-10 into BR-40-10 express reefers. This conversion is covered in great detail in the PFE book (Pages 165-166). The cars were converted back to freight service in 1961.

By 1962 4,079 were still in service, declining to 2,761 in 1965, 552 in 1968, and 20 in 1972.

One source claims that all R-40-10 reefers not sold to other railroads were scrapped by 1970, however, this appears not to be true as I believe we can trust the PFE book. 1975 probably is a better date for the statement.

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