Re: Article: Swift Reefers, Stock Cars & Tank Cars


     I fully agree with Charlies post regarding Martin and especially Richard and the myriad of articles they authored. 

I always enjoyed Richard's presentations in person. (As did many others as these were always SRO. Packed so full at time that even talking a deep breath involved coordinating around you as others were exhaling.)   I do not recall Martin giving many - if any - presentations even at the first several Naperville Sunshine Meets?  

However now as I scan and selectively digitize articles of many of my magazines and others collected, Martin and Richard's name comes up time and time, and time again. Greg Martin's also.  And the amount of data found within them is truly amazing. (Yes, I am aware that some publishers offer digital copies of past issues. However complaints at mfgrs are not allowed here so we will leave it at that.)  
             I am always amazed at the great amount of material they authored and how it laid the foundation of prototypical modeling in the hobby.     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Jim Dick       Roseville, MN                                      

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