O Scale SFRD Rr-27 Reefer 34652

Bob Chaparro

O Scale SFRD Rr-27 Reefer 34652

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This car was part of the series 34500-34950. These cars were rebuilt in 1939-40 from Classes Rr-W, -X, -Y, -2, -3 and -4. There were 451 rebuilt cars but without fans.

There were another 49 Rr-27 cars in series 4200-4248 rebuilt in 1940 from Classes Rr-W and -X. These 49 cars received fans in the rebuilding and the four- digit car numbers signify this.

For modeling purposes there were still 118 of the original 451 cars on the live list in 1971 and 11 of the 49 fan cars on the live list that same year.

I would suppose most of these cars received updated paint schemes beginning in 1947 and 1959 but I have no photographic evidence to confirm this for specific cars.

A 1940 photo of SFRD 34786 by Randall Mills from the University of Oregon Libraries:


Note the curved line map, which is the original map style.

Bob Chaparro


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