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O Fenton Wells

Looking good Clark, Nicely done

On Sat, Aug 7, 2021 at 12:51 PM Clark Propst via <> wrote:
Maybe you were able to pick up a Sunshine mini-kit for the IC version? Or maybe you were lucky enough to get the fine RCW kit? I’ve had both, did an IC car with the Martin’s, a DSSA with Frank’s. Now I’m doing a Soo Line version using Chad Boas ends. Five bucks ain’t bad! Add in some decals and a few extra parts and your in business.
I’ve attached a photo of the model before I primed it. Additional parts include A-Line sill steps and a bit of styrene for a trust plate on the body. On the ends there’s some Tichy straight grabs, a retainer valve from the parts bin w/a piece of thin wire for an air line, and a Tangent Klasing hand brake (gearbox and wheel sold separately).
The model has been primed with Tamiya G. Next I’ll paint the body and sides of the ends with a Tru-color BCR. Lastly, I’ll masked the end sides and airbrush on some Tru-color black...maybe some on the underframe too? Then K4 decals, Dullcote and weathering. Give me another day of two  ;  )) It’s amazing the flaws you see when viewing the photo you don’t see with your eye. If it didn’t have flaws it wouldn’t be mine ....

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