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Scott H. Haycock

Good point Tony!
I looked around this photo, and I think we're looking at a trans-loading facility for a developing oil field. And everything else is a storage depot and maintenance  facility. The whole area is denuded, thus the developing, and there are a lot of pipe loads in those gons in the background. There are also several tank car loading platforms between the tank rows.

Scott Haycock
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On 08/07/2021 4:13 PM Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:
Claus Schlund wrote:
Nice image of a bulk oil dealership. Served by - you guessed it - steam era freight cars. Any thoughts regarding the date? The tank car, rail mounted crane, and the steel gons in the ditant background make me think 1920.
I note the use of wooden barrels at the oil dealership - I've never seen this before. Instead I always see steel barrels (drums?) even in the pre-1920 era.
Claus, what makes you think it’s a bulk oil dealership? The tanks are awfully big compared to the many, many photos I have seen of such dealerships in the steam era. The numerous wood barrels would also seem odd in that context. 
Tony Thompson

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