Re: image of a bulk oil dealership

Larry Rice


The company name of the facility in question is/was Pacific Molasses Company. They were associated with Matson Shipping, hence the Hawaiian connection. Matson operated out of Terminal Four as well.

Pacific did not process the molasses, but rather sold it to end users, often for feedstock to produce other compounds such as solvents, alcohol, etc. The poorer quality stuff went to feed producers, and I understand it, this part of the business continued to grow over time. A small amount was used by commercial baking operations, according to SP&S documents. The SP&S and UP both at times switched the facility and it was listed in the open reciprocal agreements.

Pacific also operated a similar terminal in the San Francisco Bay area.

Those aren't pipe loads at the rear of the photo, but are instead as someone suggested, logs.

Tim posted a photo of a yard and tank cars... to clarify, that photo is not of the Terminal Four area but rather it is of Willbridge Yard (SP&S) on the opposite bank (west)  of the Willamette River. The tank cars are a combination of petroleum products transloaded from coastal shipping for regional forwarding and chemical cars, often chlorine and sodium hydroxide, that were bound for the growing pulp industry in the Northwest.

Larry Rice
Port Townsnend  WA

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