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It is hard to tell the exact style of the hand-drawn lettering on the photo of the shipping label but here are some that you can print for your own use.

I looked at a number of letterheads, builder plates, etc. online and they all seem to vary somewhat.  I also did another version including the K in a circle logo as that seems to be another common variation for shipment signage.

If anyone comes up with  better photos I can take another crack at it.

I put them into a pdf file sized for O, S, HO, N and Z.  There are enough of them to print out (use the best setting your printer has so the fine borders and text will print; not all of them will come out on a inkjet; I don’t have a laser printer to see if it would do a better job).  Obviously you can use one from a another scale if you want to go larger or smaller.  

As these were posters printed on paper and likely applied with billboard (wallpaper) paste you don’t have to print on white decal stock unless you prefer it….any thin-ish printer paper will do fine.

If you are interested the Kewanee Historical Society  has some good photos on the Kewanee Boiler Company/Corporation.  It was interesting to learn that about half of the Russian Decapods built by Baldwin in 1943 used boilers supplied by Kewanee.  These are, of course, not the USRA embargoed WWI era locos that ended up on US railroads but look to be the same basic design.

I note that has a nice Kewanee type C industrial fire tube boiler in resin which to my untrained eye looks very much like the one in the picture presumably being delivered to a school  for steam heating purposes.  It is available in O, HO, N and Z.  No connection but they look pretty nice!


Charlie Vlk


(this artwork has been prepared for non-commercial use by individual Model Railroaders only.  If anyone wants to use them for decals or inclusion in a product please contact me to work out reasonable terms!)

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