Re: Intermountain display at Collinsville

Eric Mumper


I am resurrecting an email from a couple of years ago as it is now relevant again.  Intermountain has released the 1958 cuft covered hopper in multiple paint schemes with the type 3 hatches and latching mechanism.  Unfortunately they come with the riveted flat panel roof - a roof never used in combination with type 3 designs.  They should have the Murphy panel roof with the standing seams.  There is some good news as Dave Lotz at Q Connection had a run of Q cars with a built date of 1961 and painted in gray done at the same time.  Apparently he caught the error and these cars have the correct roof.

For those fussy enough to get this right the Yarmouth roof kit makes for a good replacement.  The resin roof actually looks better than the molded one because of the ability to have all the rivets cast on.  To get the Intermountain roof off the running board supports need to be bent back and then the car put in the freezer for a while.  The old roof should pop right off which will save the lettering and make for an easy conversion.

Eric Mumper 

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