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Tim O'Connor

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Hi Clark,

The worst part of those kits are the decals, raised from an iffy photo from the Whittaker collection. The thin film is nice, but the artwork sucketh to the purist.

They were in the 45000-45999 series.  Most kept the original spartan lettering, but after April 1942 many got the Phoebe billboard and the AB brakes while being repainted.

in your era of 1950 some were still in service but falling quickly as steel cars were arriving in big numbers.

The attached photo has some motion blur, but shows the billboard lettering.  CDS and Prime Mover decals offers the best artwork for these, using vintage typefaces.

Would enjoy seeing a photo of the finished car.

            .....Mike Del Vecchio

Lackawanna questions
From: Clark Propst
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 15:13:18 CDT
Have just built the other Rensselear club kit I bought at the StL RPM, a DL&W DS steel end box car. The only info on the cars is a drawing showing number 45951.
Now the questions: What is the number series these cars are from? When the AB brakes were applied was a power hand brake added too? If so, what type? Around 1950 was any part of the car black? K4 sells a Lackawanna box car decal set. It contains a large LACKAWANNA. Did this cars get stenciled with this style?

Thanks again for any help,
Clark Propst


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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