Re: Sunshine NYC Hopper Minikit?

Brian Carlson

I had these notes with the car at St Louis

The never-ending model build – NYC Offset Hopper

The never-ending model build – NYC Offset Hopper 
Sunshine Mini-kit (maybe the last) Remove ribs of Accurail USRA hopper, laminate new sides. Done. Seems simple enough. (Could have stopped here 3 Hour Project)
Oops snapped a stirrup step. Ok, I’ll remove them all and replace. 
Hmm, …not sure I like the thick grabs. shave them all off. Realize replacing them will be tedious, regret my life choices, Put project away “for awhile”. Summer 2021 come back to model, replace with wire. Including additional wire detail to end and side. 
Hmmm… Now looking at photos, the brake wheel, retaining valve, and brake step are in the wrong location. Well, I’ve gone this far. 
Remove the offending pieces carefully. Use Tichy parts for the brake wheel and step. Use a scrap box retainer for the retainer. 
Add trainline on side. 
Add (after painting) air hoses and top mounted uncoupling rods. Any one know of air hose bracket part like the one below

Inline image

On Thursday, August 12, 2021, 01:54:57 PM EDT, nyc3001 . <nyc3001@...> wrote:

I saw that Eric Hansmann had posted a photo of Brian Carlson's Sunshine NYC hopper mini-kit build.

Does anyone know if this hopper is close enough to Intermountain's Alternate Standard hopper to be the base model for an accurate kitbash? iirc, this prototype was built by MDT and numbered 2,000. Thus, I would probably want to build two.


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