Photo: PFE 6199 (R-40-23)

Bob Chaparro

Photo: PFE 6199 (R-40-23)

Photo from Classic Trains:


“Pacific Fruit Express’s largest class of steel reefers was the 5,000 cars of R-40-23 starting in 1947. They had improved Dreadnaught ends, fans, and steel running boards. Mainline Photos photo”

The R-40-23 reefers originally came in two car number series, 5001-8000 and 46703-48702. AC&F, General American, Mt. Vernon Car Co., PC&F and Pullman-Standard each built 1,000 cars in 1947.

This was the first class of new PFE cars to receive the 1946 paint scheme, which featured the emblems of both railroads on each side with the SP emblem closest to the door.

By 1972 there still were 445 R-40-23 cars on the roster.

There is excellent coverage of the R-40-23 cars, with photos, in the PFE book:

Bob Chaparro


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