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Good question, not a definitive answer but my thinking goes like this. The car and the canisters were tracked separately for property values, and the ORER only states how many canisters a car can carry in a particular series. If the reweigh was established with empty containers, various loads within the containers could be handled just like any other car once it got on the scales.

Roger Hinman

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Tim, Folks,

How would reweighs have been handled? Was the car not reweighed because the containers were?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Yes -- 1937 was when it was rebuilt for cement service.

On 8/14/2021 9:51 PM, Bruce Smith wrote:
Brian, Folks,

I cannot make out the reweigh date. It looks like it might be 12-37?  The car is listed in the 1943 ORER as a Contaitner car, without any special notes on the series.

Bruce Smith

Tim O'Connor
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