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Douglas Harding

Dennis here is an early photo of a boxcar being loaded with grain, clearly showing a ladder leaning against the grain door for checking the load. I know I’ve seen a photo of the type of ladder you described, just can’t locate it.


Doug Harding


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On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 05:30 PM, Douglas Harding wrote:

Osha did not exist at the time of the photo. If fact it did not exist during the time period of this group.

Right you are, Doug. We tend to forget how little concern there was for employee welfare sixty years ago.

However, I have seen photos of short ladders with hooks on one end that hooked over the top grain door and let the guy at least climb down to within jumping distance of the ground. Keep in mind that grain doors were nailed to the INSIDE of the door posts. The first side was easy, but the top panels on the second side weren't. Since the grain door panels were only 16 or 20 inches wide, use of the ladder allowed the reaching over the top to nail them on.

Dennis Storzek

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