Re: Southern Pacific BCR by Tru-Color

Tony Thompson

Charlie Duckworth wrote:

I forgot to ask a couple more questions on these cars. What color is the underframe and when did the SP/T&NO discontinue using the black background on their logo. The Speedwitch set provides both with and without.
Starting soon after WW II, SP stopped painting underframes black in its own shops, but some orders from builders continued to come with black underframes for a few years.
SP and T&NO did NOT ever “discontinue” the black background. When a few orders of black gondolas were delivered in 1952, they naturally needed no background. (SP soon went back to BCR freight cars.) So shops began to omit the black on repaints. Then there was even a memo to shops, reminding them that there was supposed to be a black background. So yes, you can find photos in the 1952-1954 period without backgrounds — it definitely happened — but it was never official, and at the end of use of the round emblem in 1957, backgrounds were still black.

Tony Thompson

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