UTLX, Pennzoil questions


I have a couple of tank car Q's I'd like to toss out...

1)UTLX had at least a few ACF high walkway tank cars,as shown by this photo from the Barringer collection.My question is this,did these cars survive in this form into the 1920's?I would like to do my F&C car in the black with dulux/yellow lettering of the 1915-20's period.
2)Does anyone have any info on Pennzoil tank cars? In July of 1928 they listed 219 cars with P.A.X. reporting marks. By May 1932 these were no longer listed. I have an article from Model Railroader about building one of these cars,but it lacks prototype data.It does mention a Pennzoil tank (not a complete car) used on the Milwaukee Road in work train service,apparently a wreck salvage.Do any picture of this exist?                   

Thank you for any help you can give,
Larry King

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