Re: UTLX, Pennzoil questions

Bob Chaparro

On the Early Rail Group Brad Smith commented:
"I wrote the Model Railroader article. I was employed by the Milwaukee Road and at that time, no one knew I was a railfan. I was a mechanical engineer in the locomotive department at the time. I found the derelict car and with the help of another closet railfan engineer from the car department, we got all the information that could be had. The car did not have high running boards and was just like I modeled, in the article. The colors at that time were a red bell, not yellow as now. Somewhere I have pics of the car and the tracing of the Pennzoil herald, used to make the decals.  The new owners of Pennzoil don't care about the history at all and I have nowhere to donate the stuff.
That article outed me as a railfan and I found out that half of the department and shop force were fans also. I stayed with the MILW until the SOO takeover and left railroading.
I don't think I have helped you much, but now you know the rest of the story."
Brad Smith, Franklin, WI

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