Re: Facilities and Tank Cars?

Richard Townsend

Yes, often. Some oil companies had their own tank car fleets (or at least leased cars decorated for the oil company). Sinclair was one of the biggest. Texaco too. Others as well. Many of the baby standards (broken out of the Standard Oil trust) used UTLX cars. Rockefeller had owned Standard Oil and the Union Tank Line. A good book on the subject is John D. Rockefeller's Secret Weapon by Albert Z. Carr (McGraw-Hill, 1962). UTLX Steam Era Tank Cars by our own Stephen Hile (Speedwitch Media, 2018) goes into it as well.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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  I don't remember ever hearing anyone comment on this topic.

  Were/are there any 'links' between a facility receiving a tank car and a specific
tank car line(s)?  For example, if you have a local distributor of Standard Oil
products was it more likely that the tank cars supplying that facility would be
from certain tank car lines than others?  And if the facility was Texaco would
it have gotten a different mix? 
  I know that certain reefers were much more likely to show up on certain RRs
than others (such as, for example, PFE on the SP).  I'm wondering if there
was (is?) the same kind of thing for tank cars ... ???
  STMFC era, of course.
                                                                                                           - Jim 

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