Re: [Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Facilities and Tank Cars?


Tanks would have different materials of construction and linings, depending on the material being shipped.
Tank cars containing gases would have special fittings so gas couldn't couldn't inadvertently be transferred into the wrong vessel (for example you don't want to put chlorine where oxygen is stored).
I have another tank car question. Where I lived petroleum products were moved from refineries to oil tank farms by boat (I worked right next door to an oil terminal on the Hudson).
Am I correct that only a few of the most popular products like gasoline and home heating oil were stored in those oil tank farms and less common products like aviation gasoline were still shipped by tank car?
Although not so common now would those tank farms be supplied by rail cars during the winter if the waterway froze, meaning there would be more tank cars in use during the winter?
Coal was stored in huge silos (maybe not the right word). In the winter time would wet coal be added to those silos? (It could possibly freeze).
Were tank farms and coal storage silos allowed to empty during the winter?
It's very hilly where I live now. There's a water tower at the top of the hill. I assume water is pumped into it round the clock and the tower empties during the day. Sometimes the water company sends a tank truck to the tower and I'm guessing the water level in the tower is below a certain level.

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