Re: Freight Cars in B&M Terminal Near MTA Science Park Station Boston, MA August 25, 1955


I vote for pushed as a figure can be seen in the vestibule closest to the bridge and may be controlling the brake for the inbound move. The number of Pullmans in this draft exceeds the number assigned to any period scheduled train so I presume its a summer camp special or a troop movement. With all those shots of Atlantic avenue in this photo collection, Swift, Armour and Wilson were seen with facilties; Rath and Morrell seem to make do with using one of the freight house platforms.?

Roger Hinman

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Responding a bit late to this thread...on a non-freight car topic (oops!)
I would suggest the train of passenger & Pullman cars is being pulled from (or possibly pushed into) North Station - it looks to be on one of the drawbridge tracks, which were not "storage" tracks ;-).  The Pullman storage tracks (IIUC) were off to the left of this photo

The passenger cars behind that train are commuter cars in storage
Ken Akerboom

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