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Bruce Smith


While I do not know if PRR 6866 was ever renumbered, in general, the express X29s stayed in that configuration and with that number until they were retired. It probably comes as no surprise that they were often preferred for MOW use due to the additional steps and grab irons already installed and so many saw continued use in company service.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Subject: [EXT] [RealSTMFC] PRR 6866 preserved by the EBT
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The East Broad Top Foundation, owners of the East Broad Top narrow gauge railroad in Pennsylvania has acquired a PRR X29 boxcar to use as a interpretive display showing how the EBT hauled standard gauge freightcars by changing the trucks. The car acquired is:

Original number was PRR 54491, built between 11/1929 and 01/1930. Taken out of service and rebuilt in July 1934 for express service and renumbered PRR 6866.

I am curious if this car ever was returned to the freight fleet, and if so, was it renumbered again and what to. Anyone have a photo ?

Dennis Storzek

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