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Paul Doggett

Three great looking cars.
Paul Doggett    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

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The photo of the RI flat is amazing.  At first I thought it was the prototype.  Excellent photography & modelling.


Brian Rochon

Silver Spring, MD


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Finished the DL&W car and two more on Saturday. The WofA, box car and a RI flat. Here's the finished flat too. I've put both box cars on eBay as I have enough for my layout. I'll operate with these while the auction runs. It's a good way to continue to build kits without accumulating too many  ;  )) 
The Flat is a Chad Boas kit I bought from him at the St L RPM. Decals are from Mask Island. They're designed for a car rebuilt with bulkheads, just changed the numbers. Ended up using K4 decals on the DLW model. Turned out ok for all the missteps I made...The Sunshine model was just a fun build as usual. Only trick with it was doing the tu-tone paint without masking. All were weathered with Pan Pastels. Thanks for all the help with pertinent information. Thanks to Steve Hile for info on the flat car. You can find the models on eBay using this address...I hope? Clark Propst

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