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Ed Hawkins

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I know that NYC orders of PS-1 box cars circa 1951 were painted with black ends (such as cars 170500–171499). Is that true also for the earlier PS-1 cars they ordered, such as 167000–167999, built in 1948, or were those earlier cars all BCR? How about roofs? I have poked around on the web and not found helpful info. Any advice appreciated.

As Tony notes, there have been sufficient photos located and documentation to confirm NYC PS-1s built in 1950 to 1952 came with black car cement on the ends and roof, but unfortunately this cannot be said with 100% certainty of the 1948-built PS-1s, NYC 167000-167999, Lot 765-B.

Prior to Kadee’s release of the model, considerable research had been made to determine the colors of the ends & roof. This included searching for a good photo of a relatively-new car (preferably color), locating the paint specs, and coordinating with Jeff English. Jeff did his best by checking available NYCHS documentation, but no joy. It came down to determining what was thought to be the “most-likely” scenario. 

The most-likely scenario was based on known first-source information that in 1948 NYC purchased box cars from ACF (Lot 764-B, 166000-166999) & Greenville Steel Car Co. (Lot 763-B, 165000-165999). The original paint specs for both series specified these cars received freight car brown ends and black car cement applied to the roof. Good photos of 164000-164999 Lot 759-B cars built by DSI in late 1947 also led to the same conclusion of freight car brown ends & black roof.

Regarding NYC box car roofs, ACF bills of materials specify that without exception black car cement was used on four lot numbers of box & auto cars built from 1945-1948. It has also been confirmed that a number of PS-1s built in 1947-1948 did come with freight car red/brown ends instead of them all having ends coated with black car cement.

Based on the above factors It was therefore concluded that for the Kadee NYC Lot 765-B model freight car brown ends was more likely than black car cement. Still, it has not been confirmed with certainty one way or the other.
Ed Hawkins

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