Re: NYC Post-war PS-1 box car paint

Tim O'Connor


I provided two photos - You are correct the Ebay photo shows a repainted car, although I have noticed
that many repainted cars did not receive repainted roofs.

But the first of the photos showed a brand new NYC PS-1 in 1948. This was the photo that looks very
much like a black painted end to me. I've cropped it, and zoomed in, and attached it here.

Pullman Standard loved black ends, I don't know why. For example the Southern Pacific had no red
box cars with black ends... until they ordered some 50 foot PS-1's! :-D

Tim O'Connor

On 8/23/2021 10:21 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
Tim O'Connor wrote:

I think both ends and roof were black.

Good photo, Tim, thanks! But this is the mid-1950s lettering, not the 1950 scheme when the car was built, so presumably a repaint. Do we know how they were ORIGINALLY painted?

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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