Re: Current form of Future Floor Wax Suitable for Decal Work

Bryian Sones

Hi Allen,

I'm not sure what project you might be wanting to use a spray bottle for but a spray bottle would give you less control of the application.
It is just going to go everywhere and spray heavy. Also, it may splatter and run. It is self leveling but you want to apply thin even coats to get the best results. You can use a brush or airbrush. I prefer an Airbrush but sometimes I use a brush for small, quick decal applications. 

If you want to try the spray bottle, I would recommend you test it on something you don't care about first. The test piece should have the same surface as your project. This way you will know exactly what the results are going to be.   

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On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 10:45:11 AM PDT, Douglas Harding <iowacentralrr@...> wrote:

Allen it is 100% pure acrylic and is self-leveling. It dries quickly. I use a brush and apply to the areas receiving decals. It can also be airbrushed. I’m not sure a pump bottle spray would be acceptable, but would certainly be worth a try on a scrap body to see what coverage occurs.


Doug Harding


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Can this be applied with a pump bottle spray or must it be applied with an airbrush to get a good effect?



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