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Douglas Harding

Not a Mather car, though Cudahy did use Mather reefers. All photos I have of Cudahy Mather reefers have the Mather name visible somewhere. And all have six hinges, not four.


The photo of 5557 is from the Fairmont Motor Co archives, demonstrating their experiment with a Goodyear rubber spring block. I scanned the high rez image at the Marin Co Historical Society a number of years ago for Richard Hendrickson for the Billboard Reefer book and have shared that photo many times. At 1200 dpi the repack lettering reads “REPACKED C.R.L.X. E.CH.IND. 2.6.35”


Doug Harding


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Attached is a slightly different photo of CRLX 5557. My file name indicates it is a Mather car. Note the clear stencil near the right side ladder indicating Return to E. Chicago, Ind.


The car wears a 2-35 E. CH. weigh stencil and a Built 9-28 stencil. I believe this came to me from Ray Breyer.



Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN



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As nearly as I can tell the CRLX series 5501 – 5600 was built by GATC in 1928, this photo shows fresh paint in 1935 along with experimental rubber springs in the trucks.

Steve Hile


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Actually cars in that series were built by ACF, GA and Cudahy

GA built 100 cars in 1935


Roger Hinman


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Cars in the 5501-6250 series were built by ACF. Cudahy did have some cars from GA which were in the 1501-1600 series.

Resin Car Works



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