Re: Where does the ‘Empty Return’ Stencils go on n an SP SS boxcar?



Here is one more application of the “Return To” stenciling on an SP boxcar.  The prototype for the car waqs feqatured in an early Model Railroading or Rail Model Journal article on single sheath USRA box cars.  I believe the photo is also in tony’s box car book.  The
model is an Overland cafr which I did over 39 years ago.  The decals are from a Walthers set (They did decals back then0.  The script read “WHEN EMPTY RETURN TO DIAMOND SPRINGS”.  The destination is raqther illegible on the car.  I dug into my decal stash 
(I usually buy two sets of decals as my ability to trim closely is questionable).  I applied the decal as a stencil but now I nmay go back and redo it as a plackard.  It looks like at some point I up;graded gthe trucks but failed to weather them.  Guess the cart is headed for 
the shops.

Bill Pardie

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