Current form of Future Floor Wax Suitable for Decal Work

Andy Carlson

This is a resend, as I got a bounce-back note from the 1st sending.
I am reminded something from my early days of being online. One of the many controversies were anti-Future trolls who had their trump cards in dismissing Future by claiming it turns yellow. I remember a few equaled the looks to urine.

Future when dry has a clear coat. Even a "yellowed" bottle's clear finish will still be clear. Maybe a comparison to window glass plate can shed a little light about tinting colors. An otherwise super clear plate glass, when viewed in its intended use, looks almost opaque when viewed from its edge. There is quite a bit of coloration in even "clear" glass. When viewed through the edges one could probably concur that the glass is certainly not clear at all if no view through the flat viewing portion of the plate were made.

The thickness of a Future clear coat is in the thousants, sometimes even less than a 0.001". At this thickness (or lack of) the amounts of colorant becomes insignificant. I once made a test of an older bottle of Future which had quite a yellowish glow and made a thin coating on a painted and decaled surface. I repeated this experiment with Future from a clear, freshly new bottle. The decals from both tests appeared equal to each other and I could not tell the difference if I did not know from the start which was which.

So maybe tossing out a yellowed bottle of Future (what ever name it is blessed with at the time) is unnecessary.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

On Friday, August 27, 2021, 04:05:11 PM PDT, gtws00 wrote:

I stored my Future in a cabinet in my workshop and it is always around 70 degrees or so in there. It must be a chemical reaction. 

George Toman


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