Re: replacement for Ambroid cement

Tony Thompson

ed mines 

What replacements are you using for the old go to Ambroid cement?

Anyone use canopy glue for bonding metal to wood? White glue for this application? How about white glue juiced up with some other adhesive? If so, what brand?

I have found canopy glue to be really excellent for dissimilar materials — plastic to wood, metal to plastic, in fact any combinations of hard and porous surfaces. Despite what some say, it is most certainly NOT Kristal Klear. That’s easy to prove — make up a joint of two dissimilar materials with KK and canopy glue, let them set for a few hours, and pull them apart.  Canopy glue is quite strong.

Pacer is one maker of canopy glue, with several individual brands. One of them Is Zap.

Tony Thompson

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