Color question on CB&Q XM-23 circa 1939 paint

Charlie Duckworth

I’m finishing up a Westerfield CB&Q XM-23 Modernized version with the ‘Everywhere West’ script across the door.  Excellent model, with PE parts and extra small parts for those of us building over a gray rug.  This is my first one piece body kit from Andrew and it’s impressive.  

I’ve acquired several bottles of Tru-Color freight car colors and many were used to paint just one model so I’d like to find something close to what the Burlington used on the freight cars in the late 1930’s.  Was their freight cars a brown or red ‘boxcar color’?  Also what were the Burlington’s paint standards was the carbody a solid color and the underframe black?  

Appreciate any feedback. 
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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