Re: "TW" reefers


Richard Hendrickson wrote:
The other photo is undated but appears to have been taken at about the same
time. It shows CDLX 307 of the same series with fancy lettering and logo
for the Bear Creek Vinyard Assn. of Lodi, CA and the car is obviously
retired and out of service...FWIW, the last reweigh date on CDLX 307 was 12-34,
which was presumably the date when its billboard paint scheme was applied,
and it was only moderately dirty and weathered - ± about 5 years worth, I'd
Richard's detective work is right on the money: the reweigh date is
almost certainly the date of transfer to CDLX from PFE, as that is the
month and year of the car's sale by PFE.
On the issue of when the billboard schemes were disallowed, the ICC set
July, 1937 as the date after which no such cars were to be accepted in
interchange. That's not to say that all cars lost their paint schemes then,
particularly if they were used entirely on a single road.

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