Re: used to load and unload steam era freight cars...

Philip Dove

A 20 ton crane was unusual, and probably only for lifting special freight once a day or less, the spur is obviously specially installed for that crane because you can only load one car at a time then you need to switch the car out.
I would have never thought of making the road vehicle and the rail car be at 90 degrees to each other but it makes sense theliad will not need any swinging off the crane hook to be aligned with the car it is lowering things onto, and the fixed jib makes this more important. The fixed jib also means no one is goulng to lower the crane jib and over balance the crane.
A very interesting picture. Only question now is how will they load the boxcar with such a crane? 

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Things moved slower back then; folks were happy to be moving at 20 mph instead of walking at 4 mph; unlike today when most of us can't see "Speed Limit" signs and are always in a hurry to ???
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