Re: Oliver Tractor Shipment - IC 60968 in April 1951


Anyone else read the Oliver article in the voice of Jack Douglas narration from the old educational films that we endured in school?
..."With the tractor delivered to Mr. Bell's farm in Mississippi, we have completed the follow-through of the carload of tractors from Charles City to the field., We have seen how the tractors were transported 850 miles by rail from Charles City to Waterloo, to Chicago, and finally to Memphis in a total time of less than three days. That's what you call "service" in distributing the "Finest in Farm Machinery." The foregoing story accurately portrays the delivery of a load of tractors to a branch. In so far as timing and procedure are concerned, we have tried to picture the operations just as they actually occur in the course of normal shipping to our branches. Again we salute the Illinois Central Railroad on its Centennial and the Railroad Industry in general. OLIVER and its customers have been served courteously and well through the efforts of America's railroads. "
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA

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