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Bruce Smith


I assume we're talking HO scale here... In addition to the F&C type 11, which is indeed 8K gallons, Sunset did a "PRR TM8" in brass, which is in fact an AC&F type 11, and indeed, since all of the mistakes in the Sunset were nicely replicated in the F&C model, one has to assume that perhaps there might have been some copying going on. Although the origin of the Sunset car was explained to Sunset, they apparently had not desire to produce the wide number of plain black schemes that decorated the car.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Funaro & Camerlengo offer an HO scale kit for an AC&F Type 11 tank car. I don't know the gallon capacity but it looks like 8k.

They have always marked this kit as a Type 2 but it has been noted here in the past that it should be a Type 11.

I do not know of an RTR version.

Eric Hansmann
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Was there ever a RTR or kit available for the AC&F Type 11 tank car?  
Charlie Duckworth 
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