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Bruce Smith

I didn't replace the rivets, like Bill did, but I did do a number of upgrades to the F&C kit. I did remove the rivet lines for the fradial courses on the bottom longitudinal course, as well as the bottom centerline rivets, as neither are accurate. One of the glaring omissions to me was the absence of the tank anchors. I also used precision scale brass handrail stanchions. I made the first one I built into a PRR TM8 class car, in company service. Shamelss plug - I wrote this build up in The Keystone Modeler, #61, August, 2008 😉

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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A few years back I finished three of these guys and they can be built into nice models.  The tank is crude because, as somebody mentioned, a brass model was used as the master resulting in the rivet detail being faint to nonexistent.  The solution is to scrape all of them off and replace with Archer rivets.  I am pretty sure I used Speedwitch decals for the DX and Mobil versions that I have.

Bill Darnaby

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