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Steve and Barb Hile

Another big challenge with the English language includes our use of different words for similar things.  Here it is Class and Type.


Chris quoted from a document in an earlier post.  MCB, later ARA and then ICC specifications differentiated between “Classes” of tank cars.


ACF used the word “Type” together with a year to designate significant design changes in its tank cars, although construction of Types often overlapped.  So, the F&C kit is an MCB/ARA Class II AND an ACF Type 11, while the P2k car is a an ARA Class III and an ACF Type 21.


To further challenge us, UTLX referred to their designs as “Classes.”  So, their Class X and Class V cars were MCB/ARA Class II.  To meet the ARA Class III specs (to which they were a party in the creation) UTLX created their Class X-3 cars, whose design evolved over the next 20 or so years.


I am not sure whether the Type+Year designations we use for General American tank car designs come from the company or us modelers.


Steve Hile


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Thanks Tim.  I just now saw Eric's message above about this as well.  If it was built in the interval 1903 - 1917 then it is an ARA Type II.  If the ACF designation "11" reflects, built in 1911 then by definition, it was both a Type 11 and a Type II. :-)

I have not seen the photos that have it stenciled as a Type III, if you, or Eric or anyone wishes to post them, I'd like seeing them.
Chris Barkan
Champaign, IL

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