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Well, Owatonna, MN is on the old CNW “Alco Line” to South Dakota. It likely went west to Mankato and south to either Council Bluffs or (more likely) Omaha. Then west on the UP to California.


It’s interesting because Owatonna was out in the middle of nowhere as far as the CNW was concerned. If the car was on the Rock Island (and I assume it wasn’t, because I am intimately familiar with Owatonna, as it was my mother’s home town and that looks like the CNW team track) it would have gone south to Kansas city, and then west, likely on the Santa Fe.


A bit of back story for those who missed it:


This photo shows (l-r) my great uncles Avold and Don Kaplan, and Bob Barnard. Owatonna Tool Company was founded by my grandfather, Reub Kaplan, based on his invention of the gear puller. Family history relates that Reub took the train to Detroit, and bought one of the first Ford V-8s, and drove it back to Owatonna. Upon arrival, he had his factory team disassemble the car completely. Any time, they needed a special tool to do this, they designed one on the spot. Reub then went back to Ford and sold them those tools.


OTC (now owned by Bosch) still makes automotive specialty tools.


As far as making the car goes….

From start to finish, it did not take long. Getting all the things together was the problem:

  1. Finding a suitable car to start from (had to be CNW and the right style – Intermountain HO 1937 ARA 10’6” interior height with correct ends
  2. Finding a correct roof to replace the one on the model – “Viking” roof from Des Plaines Hobbies in Chicago
  3. Getting the proper car doors – Youngstown type 6’ wide from Kadee
  4. Making the decals for the correct car number (side & end), and “New” & BLT” dates to match the photo using my ALPS printer
  5. Having a friend make the sign! The whole project hinged on this alone. Hats off to Charlie VLK for that
  6. Getting 91% rubbing alcohol to remove the “wrong” numbers, new & blt dates.


After finding the rubbing alcohol yesterday, I sat down this morning and knocked everything else out: used a Q-Tip and alcohol to remove the lettering, applied the decals as needed, modified the doors to fit and glued in place, painted the roof flat black, attached the roof walk, added the roof to the model, cut out and attached the signs with 3M sticky tape.


Today’s work took about an hour, but I started this project months ago.




Brian Ehni



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Why? What would be so interesting about the routing?



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL


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would have loved to seen the routing

on this one


mel perry

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