McKR/Union mill gon


I'm building an F&C mill gon, specifically the one with McKeesport Connecting decals, although the kit instructions note that Union and other US Steel roads had identical cars.

The brake gear arrangement seems unusual, in that the reservoir and triple valve are near the A end of the car, and the brake cylinder itself is closer to the A end than the B end, which means that the brake rod from the handbrake to the cylinder is unusually long.  Do I get this right?  The brake levers seem to be in the first bay on the A end side from the car's center, based on the drawing and the molded angle brackets on the side of the centersill.  I think I can just attach the outer ends of the brake levers to the centersill exterior.  The kit's instruction sheet photos don't show much underbody, but the retainer release rod is visible in a couple of photos which I think confirms the location of the triple valve.  This layout is unusual enough that I at first thought the prototype underframe drawing (which has been touched up slightly) was the view from above, but now I realize it's an underneath view, looking up.

These are 70 ton cars, but I'm not seeing any particular HO 70 ton truck jump out at me as the closest.


Ron Merrick
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