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I was going to reply something similar, but then remembered we used to use yellow filters to pop SP’s red nose out from the gray. 

Brian Ehni 
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On Sep 13, 2021, at 3:56 PM, Dennis Storzek <dennis@...> wrote:

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 12:20 PM, Scott wrote:
There has been discussion that the top was reefer yellow not red.  The letters in the photo above are to dark in my opinion to be gold.  But it doesn't make much sense as why they would not have painted the top red.  I have the sunshine kit but haven't finished it.  I cant decide which way to go on it with the paint job.
Wow, what a can of worms. Knowing how some older B&W film rendered colors, my first thought was that the bottom color was red, while the upper color was blue and the lettering yellow. But WWII seems too late for orthochromatic film, and I've seen that film make blue literally disappear, so my next thought was the photographer used a color filter to get better tonal separation between the red and blue since both normally print as mid-tone gray. A red filter would have darkened the blue and lightened the red, but would have turned the yellow  lettering white. All I can surmise is the lettering in the red band was not yellow, OR was painted a different color specifically for this photo.

Dennis Storzek

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