Color recommendation for post 1945-1950 painted GN SS single door boxcar

Charlie Duckworth

I’m at the point with my Westerfield 50’ GN SS single door boxcar where I need to paint it. The instructions advise ‘mineral red’ for the time period in which it would have been shopped and painted. Any suggestions from the GN modelers on the list?  How was the roof and underframe coated?   Tim sent me a shot of a car painted in a oxide color but advised I contact the SMEs.   

Also the number series seem confusing (to me at least) some cars in 29000 group, others in 38000, 42000, 43000 and 5100.  Westerfield car has numbering for the 42000 series.  Attached is an image from my collection of one in company service  

Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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